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Business Customers, Meet Our Newest CDM Champions!

John Sherin, Director, CDM at PowerStream Inc. / 2013/04/23

When it comes to managing your electrical energy, usage and demand, PowerStream has a long-standing record of delivering strong and highly valued programs and incentives geared toward helping our business customers create an energy efficient workplace. This includes assistance when you’re implementing energy-efficient capital projects, as well as routine maintenance and equipment replacements within your facility. PowerStream’s conservation and demand management (CDM) programs have been known to help lower electricity bills and consistently save money. These programs are available to all PowerStream business customers whether you’re commercial or industrial, a large or small business or a multi-level residential building.

Our CDM Champions program recognizes contractors, consultants, distributors and manufacturers who make delivering results to their customers a key element of the services they provide. Each of them have delivered results through our most popular CDM program, Save on Energy RETROFITOM, which offers up to 50 per cent of project costs in incentives!

PowerStream is committed to recognizing organizations that are engaged in conservation and take advantage of the Save on Energy RETROFIT program. We congratulate our CDM Champions for understanding that saving energy and growing a business can be a winning combination.

Introducing our newest CDM Champions!

PowerStream’s April 2013 CDM Champion is…

I am pleased to announce M & E Consulting Engineers is PowerStream’s April 2013 CDM Champion!

M & E Consulting Engineers ~ April 2013 CDM Champion

M & E Consulting Engineers, founded in 1977, is a building services consulting firm that provides mechanical, electrical, energy, building science, project management and energy audit services to its clients. They service clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and all across Canada.

M & E Consulting Engineers has committed its expertise in developing design solutions and retrofit projects to help increase the overall energy efficiency, reduce utility costs and improve operating performance for its clients.

They work with property managers, condominium boards and commercial owners to gain information on the energy performance of their client’s buildings and then design appropriate solutions to create high energy efficiency results. Whether it be replacing chillers, an HVAC upgrade or creating a sustainable design, M & E creates the solutions needed to reach outstanding results.

March 2013 CDM Champion – Compressors aiR Us Inc.

Compressors airR Us ~ March 2013 CDM Champion

Compressors aiR Us Inc. is a compressed air services company that has been servicing the Golden Horseshoe area since 1999. The company specializes in rotary screw compressors that are both oil-flooded and oil-free – they also supply all compressed air accessories. Compressors aiR Us Inc. has been helping its customers maximize the efficiency of their compressed air systems and navigate their way through the Save on Energy RETROFIT program.

Before the company recommends the purchase of any compressor systems or equipment, the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) will conduct a detailed audit, both from a supply and demand perspective. The CEM will provide a detailed report outlining kilowatts drawn, overall plant pressure, system flow and any pressure drops that may have occurred. To further improve, the audit covers a full schematic of the plant’s piping system. The CEM will use coloured tags to mark any leaks or problems and the severity; this also includes a pressure decay test.

Compressors aiR Us Inc. is committed to ensuring the energy efficiency and savings of its customers.

February 2013 CDM Champion – Wallwin Electric

Wallwin Electric ~ February 2013 CDM Champion

Wallwin Electric, established in 1951, is one of the largest companies of its kind in Canada. The company services commercial and industrial electrical contracting companies specializing in; design build projects, lighting and power distribution layout and design, building control automation systems and voice/data networking. Wallwin Electric strives to provide a variety of sources of power and services to its customers including solar panel installation.

Wallwin Electric has supported PowerStream’s Save on Energy conservation programs for many years, with a current focus on the RETROFIT program. Specific to lighting programs, Wallwin helps its customers understand and better prepare for energy efficiency and cost savings by utilizing more energy efficient lighting and motion sensors. The company also works closely with PowerStream on the paperwork, post-project inspections and final incentive payments.

Wallwin’s commitment to the PowerStream Save on Energy program is shown through their dedication to helping its customers achieve energy efficient homes and businesses. They believe the Save on Energy program is a great incentive and benefit for its customers. They are proud to be able to not only save energy but cut costs as well.

Companies interested in participating in the Save on Energy programs or who want to find out more information can visit PowerStream’s Energy Savings for Business website. Businesses that demonstrate leadership in implementing energy conservation programs will be eligible to be featured on the CDM Champions website. Additional information is available by contacting saveONenergybusiness@PowerStream.ca.


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