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PowerStream’s CDM Champions know energy efficiency is good business

John Sherin, Director, CDM at PowerStream Inc. / 2013/11/18

Every business customer looks at their bottom line and we have Conservation & Demand Management (CDM) programs that can help. Whether you’re a business (big or small), industrial or multi-residential customer, PowerStream has value-added financial incentives to help identify and implement energy efficient capital projects as well as offering routine maintenance and equipment replacements in your facility; projects that help lower electricity bills and consistently save money.

PowerStream CDM Champions are contractors, consultants, distributors and manufacturers who have delivered results to their customers through our most popular energy management program, the Save on Energy RETROFITOM program. This program is available for businesses of all sizes and can provide up to 50 per cent of project costs in financial incentives.

With this blog I’m pleased to introduce to PowerStream’s business customers our June, August and October CDM Champions:


Energy Network Services ~ PowerStream CDM Champion

Since 1992, Energy Network Services has provided integrated energy consumption management, installation and lighting maintenance services to help its customers improve their facilities’ energy performance. With offices in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, Energy Network Services takes a seamless approach to energy project management: First, it ensures that each project begins with a clearly-defined needs assessment based on a thorough energy audit, and then it uses this information to plan, implement, finance and monitor all work.

Energy Network Services was built on the premise that energy efficiency is good for business and that energy-efficient lighting is an investment with a solid return. This investment is made all the more attractive thanks to the Save on Energy RETROFIT conservation program offered by PowerStream. Participating businesses win on two levels: They not only receive a financial incentive tied to their energy savings, they are also leveraging the potential of energy-efficient lighting to hedge against increasing electricity costs. As a value-added service, we handle all aspects of the application process with PowerStream, so that our customers can stay focused on their day-to-day operations.


Nexstar Lighting Limited ~ PowerStream CDM Champion

Nexstar Lighting specializes in the design and implementation of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, industrial and retail facilities. Since 2002, Nexstar Lighting has provided customers in Ontario and Quebec with building and lighting audits, design and installation services. The company’s in-house engineering team analyzes the needs of each customer and provides a customized solution, based on its experience with a full range of lighting technologies that includes T5 and T8 fluorescent, LED, induction, plasma and control systems.

Well before he established Nexstar Lighting, the company’s owner and in-house engineer was a firm believer in the benefits of energy conservation. The Save on Energy RETROFIT program offered by PowerStream provides Nexstar staff with a unique opportunity to strengthen their relationships with customers. It not only allows them to explain how different energy conservation technologies can help to reduce their electricity costs, it also provides customers with the confidence of knowing that the application process and all communications with PowerStream are managed on their behalf.


Garraway's Electrical Service ~ PowerStream CDM Champion

Garraway’s Electrical Services has served commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential customers in Midland, Penetanguishene, Lafontaine, Thunder Beach, Muskoka, Collingwood, Orillia, Barrie and Wasaga Beach since 1999. Services include installation, maintenance and upgrading of existing electrical/lighting systems, as well as design, installation and monitoring of solar power systems. Certified as an Authorized Contractor by the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority, Garraway’s has experience coordinating the Save on Energy RETROFIT program offered by PowerStream and can help obtain the required approvals.

The company’s owners have been personally committed to sustainability from the get-go. Since the introduction of the Save on Energy RETROFIT program, they have encouraged their customers to tap into the program and save money on energy-efficient technology, including lighting. They credit word-of-mouth as a key reason why so many customers in Simcoe County have participated in the Save on Energy RETROFIT conservation program so far, and always include it as an option when speaking with new customers.




PowerStream is committed to recognizing companies that are engaged in conservation and take advantage of the Save on Energy RETROFIT program and congratulate our CDM Champions for understanding that saving energy and growing a business can be a winning combination.

These companies understand responsible business growth goes hand-in-hand with being energy mindful. CDM Champions understand that by better managing electricity consumption, they can help their customers save money and improve their bottom lines.


Companies interested in participating in the Save on Energy programs or who want to find out more information can visit PowerStream’s Energy Savings for Business website. Businesses that demonstrate leadership in implementing energy conservation programs will be eligible to be featured on the CDM Champions website. Additional information is available by contacting saveONenergyBusiness@PowerStream.ca.


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