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How can cooling water have a chilling effect on the cost of electricity and remove 389 homes off Alectra’s grid?

Alectra Corporate Communications News Release / 2017/05/18

Vaughan manufacturer receives cheque for $478,240 for energy efficient retrofits

VAUGHAN, ON, May 18, 2017 – Gracious Living Corporation (GLC), a leading injection and extrusion manufacturer in Canada with over 30 years of experience, was recognized Thursday by Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) for reducing its electricity consumption through its participation in the utility’s Save on Energy RETROFIT program.

Gracious Living, with a plant in Vaughan, Ontario, was presented with a cheque in the amount of $478,240 as a result of its involvement in the program.

The company worked with Alectra Utilities and business partner Berg Chilling Systems Inc. to upgrade a large majority of the process water cooling system for the injection molding machines on site. This involved installing three new cooling towers on the roof replacing the three original, less-efficient cooling towers. Installing new large tanks/reservoirs, all new pumps and a new control system is expected to result in an overall reduction of approximately 15% in demand and 13% in annual electricity usage at the facility.

The conversion will reduce the company’s electrical demand by 598 kilowatts and electricity consumption by 3,411,093 kilowatt-hours per year, the equivalent of removing 389 homes off the grid and resulting in electricity savings for Gracious Living of over $410,000 per year.

“Gracious Living has demonstrated an active approach to managing their energy costs and their desire to continuously improve serves as an example to other companies to pursue similar objectives,” said Raegan Bond, VP, Conservation and Demand Management for Alectra Utilities. “As Canada’s largest municipally-owned electricity distribution company based on the total number of customers served, our team of experts has the expertise to help customers like Gracious Living navigate the retrofit process and realize the incentives available through the Save on Energy RETROFIT program.”

Gracious Living - RETROFIT Program
Gracious Living receives cheque for $478,240 from Alectra Utilities through the Save on Energy RETROFIT Program.


Alectra’s family of energy companies distributes electricity to nearly one million customers in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe Area and provides innovative energy solutions to these and thousands more across Ontario. The Alectra family of companies includes Alectra Inc. (Mississauga), Alectra Utilities Corporation (Hamilton) and Alectra Energy Solutions (Vaughan).


Eric Fagen: 24/7 Media Line: 1-844-372-4400; Email: media@alectra.com


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Source: http://www.alectrautilities.com/docs/2017-05-18-How-can-cooling-water-have-chilling-effect-on-cost-of-electricity.pdf

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